18 More Quotes for Giving Tuesday

How do you connect people, nonprofits, foundations and businesses (across continents) to make a lasting difference? How does social media factor into your approach to build a better, more connected world -- one philanthropic effort after another? These are questions that motivate the actions of Giving Tuesday creator Henry Timms.

A longtime supporter of causes and projects designed to empower every corner of humanity, Timms conceptualized a simple, yet inspiring idea -- an international day of service -- that is not simply a movement, but a phenomenon. For Timms, it started with two words: "I believe." And these are two of the most powerful words anyone can utter in a charitable context: I believe education is the passport to a brighter future, I believe volunteering is good for the soul or I believe in the goodness of the human spirit, and so on.

Everyone has personal beliefs. But, when determined, civic-minded people genuinely come together for a great cause, I believe instantly becomes we believe. This is the story of Giving Tuesday. The ever-expanding, service-centered foundation of "We" and "Us," and the undeniable impact of collective action and collaboration. Writer Lolly Daskal reminds us daily of the challenges and obstacles that can be neutralized if we all work together. This quote of hers is true: "knowledge gives power, wisdom provides direction, ambition is the spark and courage removes obstacles."

So let's celebrate Giving Tuesday in grand style. Informed about the tasks, and the endless possibilities and ways to give back. We published 18 Giving Tuesday quotes a few months back. Here now are 18 more quotes to inspire the work of anyone looking to making a huge difference. Let's make it happen. Peace.

18 Giving Tuesday Quotes