Glenn Beck Removes States' Stars From American Flag Until "They Get Serious About States' RIghts" Like Alaska, Tennessee (VIDEO)

Fox News host Glenn Beck is known for the bizarre antics he pulls on his radio and TV show.

But, in his latest stunt, caught by Media Matters, Beck just may have outdone himself.

Noting that one of the reasons he loves Sarah Palin is that she recently signed a joint resolution claiming sovereignty for Alaska under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, Beck said "That means states rights." Evidently, this resolution exists in six other states, but only Alaska and Tennessee have had their governors formally sign it.

The fact that so few states have these types of resolutions asserting their rights infuriated Beck, and to show his displeasure he went to a board with an American flag and swept off all the stars representing the states except for Alaska and Tennessee.

Beck warned that he wouldn't replace the stars until their representative states "decide to get serious about states' rights."


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