These Beauty Products Make Me Feel Like Myself When Everything Has Changed

I modified my makeup routine down to just three products — because real makeup is canceled for now.

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Everything has changed, except for three items in my beauty bag I rely on daily to feel the same.
Everything has changed, except for three items in my beauty bag I rely on daily to feel the same.

I had my “come to Glossier” moment in 2018 when the brand’s skin-first, makeup-second mantra called to me in the form of a targeted ad. Since then, I’ve accumulated more pink bubblewrap bags than I can count and dabbled in a dozen of their products.

Glossier began in 2014 on the heels of the successful beauty blog Into The Gloss, which became a hub for beauty lovers to share their makeup bag rituals and beloved products. After listening to thousands of people talk about the products they wished existed, Glossier did just that — building easy-to-use beauty essentials that are the backbone of any routine.

The direct-to-consumer beauty brand quickly rose to cult fame with its minimalist, millennial pink packaging and focus on natural beauty. Often referring to itself as a “people-powered beauty ecosystem,” Glossier created many of its products per the suggestions of consumers and grew a highly-engaged online community that nurtured “The Glossier Girl” aesthetic.

Since then, five Glossier products have earned a permanent residency in my makeup cabinet and beauty bag. On any given day, I’m using some cocktail of Milky Jelly, Future Dew, Stretch Concealer, Haloscope and Boy Brow, topped off with my non-Glossier preferred mascara, bronzer and lipstick.

Once I started working from home and social distancing, my public appearances were confined to a 13-inch MacBook screen, which means my morning beauty routine took a backseat.

The makeup break felt great at first. I was letting my skin breathe and allowing my beloved skincare routine to shine solo. But after a while, I was feeling less like myself and realized I missed the ritual of “putting my face on” in the morning.

I’m probably not alone in missing my makeup routine. Studies indicate that when you look good, you feel good. In fact, a study from Harvard Medical School found that students who put on makeup received higher grades compared to those who did not, indicating that wearing makeup can give individuals a confidence boost with increased feelings of self-esteem, attitude and personality. They appropriately called it “the lipstick effect.”

While I was enjoying the benefits of wearing less makeup, I wanted to feel like I was making an effort to look and feel like myself.

That’s why I modified my makeup routine down to just the three can-do products. Below are the three Glossier products I swear by on a daily basis so I can look — and feel — my best, even if I’m just at home.

Take a look:

Glossier Futuredew
I’ve referred to this product as "a spa day in a bottle" because it gives my skin a dewy, just-walked-out-of-the steam-room glow. I smear one pump of it across my cheekbones, eyelids and nose and it makes my skin look healthy and hydrated. It comes in handy when your outside time is limited and virtual happy hours have taken over your calendar.

This oil serum hybrid can be used as the last step in your skincare routine and before makeup for dewy look. Find Futuredew for $24 at Glossier.
Glossier Boy Brow
If there was ever a time to embrace the overgrown eyebrow trend, it’s now. I use this brow gel to brush my brow hairs up and out for a fluffy, fanned out style. The tint gives just enough color to conceal any sparse spots and add depth.

This eyebrow grooming pomade comes in clear, blonde, brown and black. Find Boy Brow for $16 at Glossier.
Glossier Stretch Concealer
While one would think wearing less makeup would clear up my complexion, never underestimate the power of a pandemic to bring on some stress zits. Fortunately, this coveted concealer starts off sheer but is very buildable, so you can brighten under the eyes and cover up blemishes without creating a caked-up look that settles into creases.

This flexible concealer comes in 12 shades and blends seamlessly into skin. Find Stretch Concealer for $18 at Glossier.