Good, Unpredictable or Doubtful Days: The Lunar Secret

One of the most frequent questions I answer for people is "Is today a good day?" Usually people mean, is this a good day for a business deal or to make a large purchase or plan a significant event. For major life decisions such as marriage, court dates, medical procedures, or signing deeds and leases there are many factors, astrologically speaking, that are important. However, just knowing the Moon's position on any given day, can give a dependable answer to most everyday questions and concerns.

This question preoccupied our ancient ancestors also. In Rome certain calendar days were considered Nefas. Those days were impious and incorrect. Throughout the western world the 13th, and especially Friday the 13th, could be considered Nefas. The number 13 even has its own phobia: dekatriaphobia. There is no 13th floor in hospitals, nor row 13 on planes, nor 13th floor in 80% of skyscrapers. In Asia 4 is an unlucky number and the fourth day of any month is not auspicious.

Numerology is one way to ascertain the quality of a day but as you see the associations regarding numbers vary culturally. The Moon affects us all no matter what our nationalities or superstitions are. A quick lunar check can help you determine the best day for many different activities.

Simply determine whether the moon is on course, or, void of course.
When I first studied astrology I thought the phrase was "void, of course." I thought it meant "of course, naturally, the moon is in this position. " The term actually describes a lack of connection between Luna's orbit and other planets. When the moon is on course she is connected; when she is void she is disconnected. The void period for the Moon can last a few minutes or more than a day. The day long periods yield an unfocused, unpredictable day.


On the world sphere events that occur during a void moon have unpredictable results. For example, Richard Nixon took the oath of office on January 20, 1973 in a void moon. The unexpected Watergate scandal ended his presidency. Marriage or business contracts signed in a void moon usually do not hold and the partnerships dissolve. Yoko Ono, a student of astrology, used the void moon to her advantage. She signed unwanted contracts when the moon was void and thus neatly escaped from an engagement she had no intention of fulfilling.

Simply put: Plan all important activities, including travel, when the moon is definitely on course. These are GOOD days. When the moon is void, stay put and stick to routine actions; these are UNPREDICTABLE days. And when the day is mixed plan actions before the moon is void and then let the matter rest until Luna is back on course. These are DOUBTFUL days.

There are two quick ways to find out whether the Moon is Void or on course. My astrologer friend, Kat Lane, publishes a very clear weekly guide to the moon's motion. As she says: Avoid the voids. And if you follow me on twitter @Stellastarguide I post the moon's sign and course daily.

We can't treat void moons like the bogeyman. There are many cycles within cycles in Astrology but Luna is our closest and most changeable light. Use her tides to go with the flow; you will feel more harmonious and avoid Nefas.