Craziest Google Street View Shots OF ALL TIME (PHOTOS, POLL)

Funniest Google Street View Shots OF ALL TIME (PHOTOS, POLL)

Google Street View, a feature of Google Maps, shows us a lot: it provides 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic views from just about any where in the world, captured and stitched together by cameras on Google cars roaming the streets of London, Detroit, Madrid, and beyond.

Sometimes, the Google Street View can catch just a bit too much, and it goes beyond helpful into the hilarious.

Check out the funniest, most inappropriate Google Street View shots ever in the slideshow below.

They're scandalous, shocking, surprising -- and probably true.

(When Google realizes there are these Street View flubs, the company will typically remove the images from its maps, resulting in a "This image is no longer available message", which makes it hard to check up on the Street View 'fails'.)

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