GOP Calls Unemployed Workers "Lazy"

It is obscene that Tom DeLay is not sitting in a Texas prison for felony charges brought against him four years ago. Instead, he has been dancing with the stars and making regular appearances on Fox News. In those latest talking head appearances, Tiny Tom has been telling us that Republicans should fight aggressively to make sure that unemployed Americans don't get unemployment benefits. According to DeLay, American workers are slackers and paying them unemployment benefits will keep them from looking for a job.

DeLay has lined up an entire cabal of GOP cretins like Rep. Dean Heller from Nevada and Steve King from Iowa, who have expressed their opinion that lazy, shiftless American workers are so thrilled to receive their unemployment checks that they have no incentive to look for work. Its no surprise that Republicans like DeLay were the ones most responsible for moving jobs out of the U.S. to sweatshop havens like Saipan and India. In fact, the little runt actually helped American corporations get tax breaks for outsourcing jobs.

It was also Tom DeLay's Republican brain trust who paved the way for our economic meltdown that has so many Americans out of work.

The DeLay, Heller, and King GOP crowd helped create an economy where there are 6 applicants for every 1 job. An economy where American productivity is up almost 10% while pay and benefits have continued to fall.

Tom DeLay and the GOP sheep who followed his lead created a service economy where 60 year olds who should be living out their golden years are working for 3rd world wages. They are flipping hamburgers at Wendy's and working as greeters for big box stores like Wal-Mart. We can only hope for the day when DeLay might be making those same kinds of wages making license plates in a Texas prison.

The reptile brains that drive the Republicans opposing benefit extensions apparently can't analyze the fact that a father gains no pleasure in telling his children that he is unemployed and will have to feed and clothe and house his family on $150 dollars a week when he was at one time bringing in $500 dollars a week. The Republicans call that man shiftless and lazy as if it brings him no pain to tell his family that they now live below the American poverty line.

Unemployment checks are not a get-rich-quick scheme. The Republicans who want to create a narrative of the deadbeat American worker hustling taxpayers need a reality check that reminds them that most politicos have lived for decades with taxpayers paying their way:

- Their salary
- Their health care
- Their pensions

Those politicians want to think of themselves as living in some rarefied air where they serve as true public servants. It is as if they are unaware that they have morphed into neo-nut political hacks who are nothing more than wards of the state. That state that is paying their salary and benefits rarely gets anything in return.