GOP Crowd Boos NBC (VIDEO)

GOP Crowd Boos NBC (VIDEO)

The folks over at MSNBC have become political scapegoats for the supporters of the candidate opposing Barack Obama. In the Democratic primary, backers of Hillary Clinton often quipped over what they deemed as unfair and often sexist coverage. In the general election the animosity between the McCain campaign and the peacock network has also spilled over into public.

So it was with as much humor as surprise that the crowd at the Republican Convention derided the network during the midst of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday night. After the Alaska Governor ridiculed the media for conflating her outsider status with being unqualified, the crowd stood up in applause... then boos... then derisive chant.

"NBC, NBC, NBC," they declared, pointing their fingers at the Networks filing center in the stadium. It was a sharp moment during a wildly applauded address. The media, indeed, has become the uniting foe for the GOP.

Watch the video below:

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