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Graffiti Marriage Proposal: Artist Paints His Proposal On Five NYC Rooftops (PHOTO)

One New York artist didn't shout his love from the rooftops -- he graffitied it!

Jason "Jay Shells" Shelowitz proposed to his girlfriend, Rachel Weiner, on Saturday by spray-painting "Rachel will you marry me?" across the rooftops of five Upper East Side buildings. He shared this photo on Animal New York Tuesday:


Shelowitz told HuffPost Weddings that he occasionally does artwork on the street, so when he decided to pop the question, he knew he wanted to paint something outside.

"The rooftops came to me because they are visible from our apartment and I thought proposing on our terrace was a nice idea. The rest is history," Shelowitz said.

Shelowitz took Weiner out to their balcony and asked her to look down, before getting on one knee and offering her a ring. Weiner told Animal New York that the proposal blew her away.

“It was the most super natural way I can think of him to propose… In his natural environment painting New York City," Weiner said. "And it was the most super natural way for me to say yes -– nearly naked on our terrace, before 9 a.m. on a Saturday.”

For talented folks, marriage proposals can become works of art. In 2010, another artist popped the question with graffiti. And this artist painted an entire mural to propose to his girlfriend in 2011.

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