Newsmax Anchor Greg Kelly's Weird Weed Anecdote Gets Burned On Twitter

The right-wing host tweeted an unbelievable cautionary tale as New York legalized recreational marijuana.

Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly told a bizarre cautionary tale on Twitter Wednesday about his experience with marijuana ― and many readers thought he was blowing smoke.

On the day New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law legalizing recreational marijuana in the state, the right-wing host wrote:

“SMOKING WEED (aka GRASS) is NOT a good idea. I’ve tried it (back in the day) and it was WORSE than anything that happened to HUNTER BIDEN. I ‘toked up’ with some buddies in Kentucky and woke up 4 days later in Nairobi, Kenya. With no idea what happened. DON’T DO DRUGS.”

Kelly, an ex-Marine who has raised eyebrows for his far-right and far-out opinions about the perpetrators in the Capitol riot and the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich, lit up curiosity in the Twittersphere.

Did he smoke a more powerful drug? Was he lying? Joking?

We may never know. But we’re pretty sure some of these tweets may cause a contact humor high.

Kelly also discussed New York’s move to legalize recreational weed on his Newsmax show. Fast-forward to 16:20:

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