Gwyneth Paltrow Drinks Cocktails 'On A School Night' With Bestie Kate Hudson

Just living their best lives.

Gwyneth Paltrow got a little rowdy on a school night for the La Mer Celebrates 50 Years of an Icon fete at Siren Studios in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. 

The actress was joined by Hollywood bestie Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie, who seemed to have had a blast together. The moms posed for plenty of photos, including a group selfie, which Paltrow shared on her Instagram account. 

"My beauties @nicolerichie and @katehudson giving me a good excuse for a cocktail on a school night," she captioned the pic. 

Richie also shared a snap of her and Paltrow from the night's bash on her Instagram page

Ladies Night @gwynethpaltrow @ericbuterbaugh #LeMer

A photo posted by @nicolerichie on

Prior to the night's soiree, Paltrow posted a photo of herself dressed in a sheer paneled jumpsuit and ready to go, while son Moses hugged her, trying to make her stay home.  But not even Moses' embrace could keep Paltrow from her having a girls' night out. 


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