Half-Baked Alaska: Samantha Bee Defends Palin's Choice To Resign As Mother Of Her Children (VIDEO)

In an interview with Samantha Bee, the "Daily Show"'s senior Alaska correspondent, Jon Stewart got repeatedly shot down in his attempts to qualify what Sarah Palin did last week as "quitting." "That is such an in the box elitist way of framing it...leave her family alone they're off limits! What is wrong with you," Bee shouted. When Stewart tried another route, things really got heated...

BEE: She's a point guard dishing the ball for an open shot.

STEWART: That's one play, a point guard then has to defend and play the rest of the game. It's like leaving half way through the third quarter!

BEE: Yeah, maybe in Harvard main stream basketball.

STEWART: No, that's the rules of basketball.

BEE: Not maverick basketball.

STEWART: There's no such thing as maverick basketball. You're either playing basketball or you're not playing basketball.

Bee then went on to explain that she's not only stepping down as governor of Alaska, but as mother to her five children, handing the reins over to "some other lady."


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