Jay Leno Would Like To Know If Halle Berry Smokes Pot With Tom Hanks In Real Life (VIDEO)

When Halle Berry dropped by "The Tonight Show" to talk about her work on the upcoming film "Cloud Atlas," Jay Leno wanted to know if a moment in the film was perhaps inspired by a moment in her real life. Or maybe she channeled a real experience for her acting performance?

He was just asking if she'd ever smoked pot, as her character does in the film with co-star Tom Hanks. Berry insisted she was "not a pot smoker," but Leno wasn't so quick to let it go.

"Have you smoked pot with Tom Hanks?" he asked, trying a new angle.

"I smoked pot with Tom Hanks in this movie," Berry responded plainly.

The ambitious "Cloud Atlas" chronicles a story across five centuries, set in six distinct timelines. Berry and Hanks play different characters in each setting, while the stories find innovative ways to connect. It is based on the 2004 book of the same name by David Mitchell. The film opens nationwide on Friday, October 26, 2012.

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