Hanksy Is Back With Hilarious 'Ferrell Cats' Series (PHOTOS)

Hanksy's Hilarious 'Ferrel Cats'

Life is full of small, unexpected gifts. One of those gifts is Hanksy, an anonymous street artist who tags New York City with spot-on celebrity spoofs. The bizarre lovechild of Banksy and Tom Hanks experienced the first whiff of fame when he created homages to Hanks from "Castaway" to "Catch Me If You Can." But Hanksy eventually began taking on pop culture icons we never saw coming, most notably Vanilla Ice.


The newest hilarious homage honors comedian Will Ferrell, placing his goofy grin atop a cat. (Get it?) One of the works features a feral cat crew, with Will backed up by actor Colin Farrell and, of course, rapper and producer Pharrell Williams. We know what you're thinking... does the Ferrell cat appear with or without Ron Burgundy's heavenly moustache? The answer is... both. Thank you Hanksy.





Images courtesy of Krause Gallery. See more hilarious Hanksy spoofs on his website.

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