Harry Reid Wonders How A Hispanic Could Ever Be A Republican (VIDEO)

With the size of Nevada's Hispanic voting bloc on the rise and the issue of immigration front and center in the national spotlight, it should come as no surprise that Reid was quick to weigh in on the matter.

"I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK," said the ranking Democrat at a campaign event with Latino supporters earlier this week. "Do I need to say more?"

After some in the politically conservative Latino community reacted unfavorably to the assertion, Reid's camp issued a statement signaling the Democratic incumbent stands by his remarks:

"Sen. Reid has long enjoyed the support of many Hispanic Republicans in Nevada and he appreciates that support. Sen. Reid's contention was simply that he doesn't understand how anyone, Hispanic or otherwise, would vote for Republican candidates because they oppose saving teachers' jobs, oppose job-creating tax incentives for small businesses, oppose investments in job-creating clean energy projects, and oppose the help for struggling, unemployed Nevadans to put food on the table and stay in their homes."

"I do a call with Hispanic media every three or four weeks, just with Hispanic media," explained Reid to local CBS affiliate 8 News Now earlier this week. "I include Hispanic media in every event that I do. Why? Because they're a part of modern day media. Why shouldn't I."