Has Snapchat Gone Too Far?

Snapchat has been around for quite some time now but has recently caught fire amongst younger audiences. According to Wikipedia Snapchat is "an image messaging application software product". While Snapchat is much like other social networking sites one thing makes it more appealing than others. Snapchat messages disappear after a short period of time and this is what makes teens more open to posting suggestive material.

Recently, a new feature has been added to Snapchat. It is a feature that allows you to see how fast the Instagram user is moving while taking the photo. While this feature was created in good fun it has proved to be deadly for some teens and their victims.

A teen's selfie on snapchat recently went viral when the teen posted a snap of herself on a gurney with the message: "lucky to be alive" while the snap appeared to be harmless it eventaully turned into a big piece of evidence for a Georgia man who accused the teen of recklessly using snapchat prior to collding with his car. The car accident caused the man traumatic brain injuries according to his lawyer.

When reaching out to Snapchat we were redirected to the message that snapchat lives by: "Don't Snap and Drive.

The question now at the forefront of debates is of great proportions. Has snap chat gone too far or have teens abused their use of the app? As the temperatures rise and more teenage and young adult drivers hit the road for summer travel many wonder if we will see the rise of vehicular accidents and deaths because of snapchat and other social media platforms. Is a snap really worth your life? Should snapchat remove the speed filter or perhaps consider installing technology on the app that will allow the app to not function when entering into a car? I guess we will all have to sit back and wait and see.