Heidi Klum Helps Women Honor Their Real Beauty

Heidi Klum is no longer a ten? Sacré bleu! How will we all survive?

What is as distressing as these judgmental words being shared around the world on social media is the fact that women and men still accept this irrational, misguided, patriarchal thinking of how a woman should look as real and valid.

The definition of beauty remains an unquestioned matter of fact, primarily due to mass media, and it is time women took back our power and freedom.

What if we try a different tack and ask the "beautiful" women to refuse the camera in the way that has become second nature to some? What if we start telling the limelight where to stick its proverbial nose?

That's right -- what if women stopped taking selfies of their naked fine self and posting it online as a form of communication? Or stopped sticking their butts in the air and turning that sexy shoulder to the camera in the "you-could-have-me-from-behind" pose.

It is past time for a radical change in women's thinking; as well as in how we treat ourselves.

If women stopped accepting the judgment of others like it somehow made an important difference in their lives, we might create a crack, or even shatter this outdated concept of numbering ourselves.

We all know that real beauty comes from within. Why do our actions not reflect this? Are we really brave enough to forge new lives with this inner definition?

Would changing our behavior to reflect our inner self really make a difference?

Would men stop laughing at T&A jokes, or stop cat-calling in the streets of New York?

Might style mavens telling us what to wear or judging women because of our size elicit a different response within the collective us?

Would the fashion industry have to restructure and maybe make the message of beauty be about the artistry of the clothing and its varied expression on every shape and color of magnificent women?

Would women still buy makeup or watch mean-girl movies?

If we pray hard enough that beauty pageants become obsolete ... could it happen?

Maybe this change doesn't take place immediately ... but what if we tried:

What if the quote beautiful unquote women of the world said no to making millions of dollars by supporting separatist-thinking commercials? Could these same women somehow find new ways to create million-dollar companies not based on having a pretty face or a genetically perfect body?

What does it take to create this kind of radical change?

It starts with women who stand up for ourselves and say, "We are pissed and we aren't going to take it anymore!" Maybe the beauties stalked by paparazzi could flip the camera a finger and claim, "I am done with this game." Sorry Kim K, radical times call for radical measures.

Imagine celebrities saying "stop paying me millions to wear your fancy clothes and your makeup that costs pennies to manufacture, enslaves millions of low-paid, underage workers and generates millions in revenues for corporations each year."

Is it possible? How about messages like: stop making fancy lingerie so I can feel good about myself. Guess what? I feel just fine without it. And, I don't care anymore if my clothing style or my nakenedness is not enough to turn you on -- potential admirer. That is not my problem -- it's yours! What kind of decrepit story have we bought into?

Even Heidi Klum trumpeted, "In my book, all women are a 10!" Amen to that sister!

From now on proclaim, "I am a new-vision woman, a catalyst to a new way of living: So stop judging me or my sister because she doesn't look like your kind of arm candy, and don't ask me to act like I am any different than her. Because I'm not ... we are all beautiful women worthy of great love even if you can't see it.

"I am a unique woman -- whole and complete. I am full of beauty, wisdom, compassion and genius on so many levels. I don't need your trumped up idea of what beautiful is to define any part of my life from now on. I got things to say and you aren't going to stop me.

To quote Nayyirah Waheed, "and I said to my body softly, 'I want to be your friend.' It took a long breath and replied, 'I have been waiting my whole life for this.'" It's time to love our bodies as the gift they truly are.

From here on in when we look in the mirror why not say, "I am me. Perfect in every way. And so is she."