Help Is Near

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At the certification party for my Spiritual Mentoring Program in June I got very beautiful gifts from my students. And my helpers were also celebrated with gifts. Christina for her much-needed role as my PA. Mads for the many audios and stunning pictures. And my sister for contributing with the healing sentence: "Our crap contains many keys."

In the days after the celebration I contemplated how far I have come in terms of letting help into my life. For many years I have been almost unhelpable. It has been quite a journey being able to receive help.

I have in all ways been raised to take care of myself, and that quality has been one of the biggest barriers for success as an entrepreneur. Also in my personal life it has hindered me in many nurturing co-creations.

In the beginning of my career I felt that I couldn't afford help. It felt logical to do everything myself -- also the things I in no way were able to figure out. My breakthrough didn't land until I understood that I had to focus working on my business not in it.

When I first began to delegate it was not a pretty sight. I attracted cleaning help who destroyed many of my favorite things. I have paid large sums of money for work that was never finished. And I have even ended up in legal battles that I then had to take care of.

First when I paused and faced my issues, things began to turn around for me. As I healed my self worth I began to attract more and more qualified help.

Today I'm surrounded by very talented people who almost recognize my needs before I do. I feel very heard, seen and supported. And because of that I'm able to uplift and help others in a much larger scale.

We are not meant to do everything ourselves. As long as we play our position, we provide room for other people to play theirs. And in that setup we get to give and receive in the most beautiful flow.

Photo: Alice Jacobsen