Here's a Handy List of Fox News Enablers/Advertisers

Fox News, the future home of Lou Dobbs, aka "The Bill O'Reilly/Megyn Kelly Network, " has recently lost some big-name advertisers on psychic exile Glen Beck's race-baiting carnival sideshow, you've probably read here.

I mentioned here last week that it's possible to have your local city council pull that toxin-spewing outfit off the local cable lineup in your town when the cable operator's contract comes up for renewal. Please remember this when renewal time comes.

But there's something else you can do in the meantime that could be far more effective in stopping the ringleaders of the Disloyal Opposition.

"I'm ready to boycott all of Fox News' sponsors," one female Commenter on my blog last week here said, adding, "It sickens me to watch Fox News. Could you provide a list of Fox advertisers?"

Hey, we're here to help. So, as Ko-Ko sang so humorously in Gilbert &Sullivan's classic comic opera, "The Mikado:"

"I've got a little list."

Here's a Clip 'n Save list of many of Fox's current clients taken from several day-parts this week. Not all Fox Noise advertisers are here, because, as the Commenter posted, it's impossible to watch this cable hatefest for too long without kicking in one's TV. Ironically, the ads are usually the least objectionable thing on the disreputable, extremist cable net.

You may wish to take note of the companies and products that follow when you're making buying decisions in the future, and/or send them a note or an e-mail reminding them that these are the same Fox "political terrorists" who are, as MSNBC's Ed Schultz also recently put it so well, "planting intellectual car bombs to drive into health-care debates in town halls."

Some of these advertisers may not realize -- yes, it's possible -- just how disgraceful and mean-spirited Fox Noise's programming is today, and how it could damage their carefully tended corporate image.

Here, then, a partial list of enablers of the Disloyal Opposition: .

CLIP 'n SAVE. Print this out... Put it on your fridge!

AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Amway Global
"Anything Goes" CD
Audi Diesel
Baron & Budd P.C.
Binder & Binder
Broadview Security
Bush's Baked Beans
Celadrin (joint health)
Chef Michael's Canine Creations
Dove Deep Moisturizer
Easy Water (water softener)
Fidelity Investments
Ford Motor
Goldline International
HSBC Life Insurance
HealthMart Pharmacy
Lear Capital (gold)
Liberty Medical
Lincoln (autos)
Loan Modification Help Line
NFL Sunday Ticket
Pearle Vision
Quicken Loans
Re-Bath remodelers
Red Lobster
Slap Chop (kitchen device)
Smart Balance
USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box
Verizon Wireless
ZeroWater (water tester)