Here's What Britney Spears Looked Like At Her First VMAs Red Carpet In 1999

Snakeskin pants and all.

Sunday night, Britney Spears will be taking the stage at MTV’s Video Music Awards for the first time since 2007.

If her Twitter is any indication, she’s ready:

Killing. It. 

Who would’ve thought that the pop ingenue who first graced the VMAs stage in 1999 with her hit “... Baby One More Time” would return 17 years later to slay once more? It’s been a long, strange trip from 1999 Britney to 2016 Britney, but we wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

Take a look at Britney’s look from her first VMAs red carpet trip:

Bare midriff? Check. Shiny bustier/jacket combo? Yup. Snakeskin pants? YOU BET. There was no doubt she was about to rule the early aughts. 

Please also enjoy this snap of Britney having some downtime during her VMAs rehearsal.

So. '90s.
So. '90s.

And here’s Brit performing during the actual show. 

Now, let’s jump back to 2016. Yaaas.




To recap ... 



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