ESPN's Herm Edwards Goes Bonkers While Talking About LeSean McCoy And DeMarco Murray

Well that escalated quickly.

Herm Edwards went absolutely berserk Wednesday on an episode of ESPN's "NFL Live" while talking about Buffalo Bills' LeSean McCoy and Philadelphia Eagles' DeMarco Murray.

McCoy is currently in the news for saying he doesn't want to share pleasantries with Eagles coach Chip Kelly when Buffalo plays Philly on Sunday. Murray, on the other hand, reportedly met with team owner Jeffrey Lurie in regard to his playing time.

Well, Edwards thinks these players are being selfish.

Watch his reaction below:

Edwards' rant had a "you crazy kids get off my lawn" type of feel. 

The ESPN personality said these players bother him because he believes they "put their own identity, their own egos in front of the team." He got so heated and annoyed by the conversation that he even threatened to walk off the show's set, saying, "I'm done."

The best part of it all, though, might've been when fellow analyst Darren Woodson gave Edwards a mean side-eye special toward the end of his rant.

Our thoughts exactly, Darren.


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