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I hate criticizing Hip-Hop, but it's definitely become "trap music." I may partake in the ignorant hypocrisy, but like a pitbull, I have trouble defending it.
The media circus began immediately after Sam's declaration, and who knows how long it will last? In the meanwhile, send in the clowns. Or have they already arrived?
Sam, a former Missouri defensive lineman, came out on Sunday, telling ESPN "I am an openly, proud gay man." While many athletes
It starts with Mark Schlereth bizarrely highlighting various NFL players grabbing each other in the groin region for his
The rivalry makes no sense. A dramatic win for one franchise tends to signal a coming of awesomeness for the other.
The NFL wants to show the world that racial bigotry will not be tolerated, and should you use racially charged language, we will destroy your career. They also just want it to go away. If this is the direction they choose it will be pretty sad, not only for Riley Cooper, but for the Eagles, the NFL and this country.
In the 21st century, we could all use the kind of media training provided for college football stars and NFL Draft hopefuls. Quick -- describe yourself in pithy, media-friendly sound bytes that will translate into lucrative business deals. Yeah, I couldn't do it either.
By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing It is the ten year anniversary of Herm Edwards' career highlight, his famous "you play to
In the first episode of The NYGMen Podcast post-2009 NFL regular season, we discuss the Jets, Eric Mangini, Bill Belichick and his disciples, and the death of Casey Johnson.