'Space Lightning': Highest Electrical Current In The Universe Found

Space Lightning? Strongest Electrical Current In Universe Found

Scientists have discovered the largest electrical current ever.

It's like space lightning.

According to PopSci, scientists at the University of Toronto have discovered the strongest current to date in space about 2 billion light years from Earth. The insane current was found near galaxy 3C303, the core of which is a "huge cosmic jet."

Measuring at 10^18 amps, the current is equal to about 1 trillion lightning bolts.

The explanation for the massive current however is little more than a theory.

The team thinks magnetic fields from a colossal black hole at the galaxy's core are generating the current, which is powerful enough to light up the jet and drive it through interstellar gases out to a distance of about 150,000 light years.

The new discovery is just one of many exciting recent finds in the universe. A mysterious flash of light in a distant galaxy was recently determined to be a massive black hole swallowing a sun-like star, while another study suggests that rare dual black holes are inhabiting another galaxy.

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