Hilarious Video Basically Nails What It's Like To Live With A Toddler


Life with toddlers is certainly not boring, to say the least, and these parents know that to be true.

Mindy and Branden Bingham, who blog about family life at This Is How We Bingham, shared a hilarious video on their Facebook page. The two-minute compilation highlights their 22-month-old daughter Hazyl’s propensity for derailing their vlogs.

The video has reached over 108,000 views on their channel and over 155,000 views on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

“Hazy certainly loves the spotlight, and when it’s not on her she finds a way to steal it,” the parents wrote in the caption. “Lately it’s by screaming ‘YEAH’ as loud as she can anytime we start talking to the camera!”

Well, at least it’s not the typical toddler “NO!”

H/T Babble

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