An 'Unflinching' Series About Homeless Queer Youth Is In The Works

Here's how you can help make "House of Mayhem" happen.

A new television series promises to take a “raw, unflinching look” at homeless queer youth ― and you can help get it made. 

On Monday, producers launched an online fundraising campaign for “House of Mayhem,” which will star transgender model-actress Carmen Carrera and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” veteran Ginger Minj. The series, which is based on David Pumo’s acclaimed play, “Auntie Mayhem,” will examine the “alternative” families that LGBTQ youth create if they are abandoned by their biological ones. Both the play and the series were inspired by Pumo’s real-life work with LGBTQ teens. (Watch a teaser video for “House of Mayhem” at top)  

“House of Mayhem” will be created and directed by Henry Alberto, who sees the TV series as bridging “the gap between the generation that witnessed Stonewall, AIDS, and Cher with the generations of Instagram, the repeal of DOMA, and Lady Gaga.” 

“It’s a story of hope and acceptance that cracks open the definition of family,” he said in an email, “and presents a world where all kids have value.”

The show’s all-inclusive message couldn’t be more relevant following the June 12 shooting at the Pulse queer nightclub in Orlando, Florida, which left 49 people dead. Meanwhile, a 2012 Williams Institute study found that 40 percent of the homeless youth served by agencies identify as LGBTQ.

Sounds like a worthwhile effort to us, so let’s make it happen! Head here to read more about the “House of Mayhem” campaign. 



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