How Does Supermom Shaunie O'Neal 'Remove Her Cape'?

I recently sat down with super mom Shaunie O'Neal to ask her how she does it "all," and might I add does it well.
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It's no secret that when it comes to parenting, juggling everything to the point of exhaustion is an occupational hazard that comes with the territory. In my new book, The Day I Took off My Cape, I talk about juggling everything from being a wife, mother, family, and friend to many and if you throw in the professional athlete lifestyle, it magnifies this tenfold. No one understands the challenges and triumphs of throwing on the pressure-laden super hero cape to balance everything on your own more than "Super Mom" NBA Wife Shanuie O'Neal.

I recently sat down with this busy mom of five beautiful children (Myles, 12; Shareef, 10; Amirah, 8; Shaqir, 6; Me'arah, 3) where she discussed how she does it "all", and might I add does it well. Between her forthcoming new reality series about to debut (VH1 Basketball Wives), a recent separation from husband Shaquille O'Neal, and being a busy mom of five, one may question: what does Shaunie O'Neal do to "Remove Her Cape?"

RYC: How does mom come up with the schedule for everyone? Do you have a system in place that is followed in order to plan their daily activities so that you can attend most of them?

S: I LIVE by using one of those huge wall calendars (the kind you find in Staples or Office Depot). EVERYTHING goes on that calendar. I even get fancy and color coordinate it by kid, little corny but it works. It's impossible for me to split myself five ways and attend everything, but I sure do try!

There have been many changes in the past few months, with your recent separation from Shaquille, along with a move to California as well as your upcoming reality show that was picked up by VH1. Despite all of the changes & the kids daily schedules, what do you do to make sure that everything in the O'Neal household is still run efficiently and the kids needs are still met?

S: As a Mom the saying "Just do it" really applies to us. My kids are my number 1 priority and whatever I need to do to make sure they are taken care of is what I do. Especially with all the recent changes, I make sure I keep the lines of communication open with the kids. It's important that they know they can talk to me about anything at any time. I want them to be happy, and so far I think I'm doing a pretty good job!

RYC: How do you create time for yourself so you are not burnt out from managing the family and the daily schedule? What are some of your favorite things to do in order to rejuvenate?

S: Well I haven't had much me time lately, but it's not bothering me at all. I've been constantly on the move with the kids schedule and the show. I'm staying busy and it feels good. Right now "me time" is my workout, which by the way I hate, but gotta take care of myself and stay healthy. When that time does come, I love to read and travel....My favorite stress relief is baking (cakes, cookies, pies, you name it)

RYC: What would you tell other supermoms out there about balancing work, family and taking care of themselves?

S: I recommend not putting TOO much on their plate. Don't try to do it all, pace yourself.

RYC: Leave us with three Shaunie "Cape Removal Tips" that help you get through your daily life so that you do not have to be superwoman all day everyday.

S: (Not in any particular order)

  1. I've learned to ask for help when I need it (with the kids, errands, whatever)

  • Take a few minutes everyday for yourself (workout, quiet lunch, late night bath), even if it's just 30-45mins. Take a "BREATHER."
  • I try to fit in a pamper moment as often as possible (mani, pedi, getting my hair done, etc). Of course I can't do these things daily, but I fit them in when needed.
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