How Fatherhood Completely Changed These 6 Celebrity Dads

"I smile every day, and I definitely didn't smile every day before," said Chris Rock.

When Will Smith’s first child, Trey, was born, he had one thought: Now what do I do?

Like many first-time parents, Smith felt a bit overwhelmed the moment doctors placed his son in his arms. As Smith told “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 1997, he couldn’t believe fatherhood didn’t come with any instructions. “I have a television that has picture-in-picture, and the manual is this big,” he said, gesturing. “The doctor gave me a baby and said, ‘All right, man, take care!’”

But while new moms and dads like Smith are so focused on learning the ropes, they often don’t realize the fundamental changes parenthood can have with regards to their personalities and perspectives. This is what many dads expressed when talking with Oprah about fatherhood over the years.

In the above supercut, Smith and his fellow famous fathers ― including Chris Rock, Bono and Michael Jordan ― open up about how being a dad changed them and their perspectives on both parenting and the world as a whole.

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