9 Hilarious Ways Parents Have Tried To Get Their Kids To Move Out

Empty nesters -- it could be a lot worse. While the quiet rooms of your home may feel like a bleak reality, for some parents it's something they can only dream about. That's right. Not all kids fly the coop when they should. Some fly but then return as "boomerang kids," while others are a little slower to start their independent lives.

But never fear. If you're trying to get your adult kid to move out of your house, there are plenty of not-so-subtle ways to give them the hint, as tested by some clever and inventive parents:

Start out by buying them their very own kitchenware.

If that doesn't work, kick things up a notch by buying them their own home appliances.

Subtly leave some college brochures and or job postings for them in a highly visible place, i.e. kitchen counter.

Say it with pictures if your child is particularly perceptive.

Conveniently place moving boxes in the space(s) they inhabit.

Or a suitcase...

Try putting it nicely in a text before you have to broach the subject in person.

If you're really desperate, try spelling it out on a cake.

If all else fails, just start moving their stuff yourself.



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