How to Get Your Clients to Like You


Obviously, you want your clients to like you. Having a positive relationship makes interactions with clients much more enjoyable and productive. Furthermore, having a friendly relationship makes it easier to address and resolve any issues that pop up along the way in a mutually agreeable manner.

There are a few behavioral tricks you can practice that will help you become the client magnet that everyone likes, remembers and recommends to others.

Here are three tips on how to be liked and remembered by your clients:

Ask Questions:

Asking your clients questions about their family, personal interests and life goals is a wonderful way to get them to know better -- and to get them to like you. Why? Because people love to talk about themselves!

If you're asking questions and getting people to talk what's important to them, they'll leave the conversation thinking you're a highly likeable person. Dig deep with your questions: you want to know as much as you can about your client's personal and business situation so you can assist them in the best way possible and you can find some commonalities for more bonding.

Give Sincere Compliments:

People long for a heart-felt compliment and words of praise. Both of these are different than empty flattery, which most people pick up on easily and it makes them weary. Admire your client's house; compliment them on their personal or work achievements. Your clients want to be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments -- be that person who makes them feel appreciated.

Practice Active Listening:

Arguably the most important skill to master -- active listening revolves around demonstrating your listening skills by repeating segments of what an individual has said to you. It makes the other individual feel as though you really are paying attention.

People also love to hear their own words echoed back at them as it boosts their egos a bit. Get additional brownie points by retaining information your clients shared with you and bring it up next time you see each other (e.g. How was your son's birthday party last weekend?)

Above all, be genuinely interested in your clients and show your appreciation for them choosing you as their preferred business. You want others talk about great you are so you don't have to.

What is your advice on connecting with clients in a meaningful way? Share in the comments.