How To Travel The World As A Digital Nomad

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Living chained to a desk can feel unbelievably oppressive. Humans weren’t meant to stay in one place forever - we have a history of migration, of wandering. And now more than ever, people want to travel the world, since the development of social media means travelling no longer requires losing touch with your home. However, it can feel absolutely impossible to go anywhere when you’re tethered down to your desk job as your primary source of income.

Despite what you may believe, it is actually entirely possible to live the life of a digital nomad and still get paid. You don’t have to sacrifice travel for work, and plenty of people have figured out how to strike a balance between the two. Although living like a digital nomad is possible, it requires foresight and dedication. Here are tips on how to travel the world as a digital nomad.

Figure out what’s the least you need to spend to survive

No matter what your job is or where you want to go, your first strategy will be to figure out how to spend as little money as possible. Unless you have a very cushy, salaried job, you will likely not make a full time income living as a digital nomad, which means no matter what, you will have to cut expenses. This means eliminating recurring payments that are of no use to you as you travel. You probably won’t have much use for your car, or your car insurance, for example.

If you aren’t planning on “coming back home” anytime soon, then sell or rent any property you own. You don’t want a bunch of monthly bills eating away at your disposable income on the road, especially if they’re bills that don’t benefit you. If selling doesn’t appeal to you, then try renting out your car or your house to someone for the duration of your absence, especially if you really only plan to live abroad for a year or two.

Develop a remote work income strategy

When you’re trying to live a nomadic lifestyle, you need to figure out what you will live on. As a remote worker, you will face major difficulties and complications, and you might need to develop passive income strategies - such as renting out property you own back home - to keep you afloat. But in addition, you will also have to make sure that wherever you go, you have the ability to work.

As a digital nomad, you will probably require internet connection wherever you go in order to complete assignments, turn work in and communicate with the office. This can severely hamper your travels if you don’t take it into account. You also need to make sure you know when you’re supposed to be working and when you’re supposed to be enjoying your travels. Develop a clear work schedule and plan that accommodates your traveling lifestyle, including hours that take into account time differences.

Find an online community for support

When you’re a digital nomad, you’re part of a very select group of people on Earth. One day you could be in Australia, and the next day you’re receiving a Vietnam visa on arrival and travelling through southeast Asia. That can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experience. In order to make the most of your trip, get advice you wouldn’t have thought of and find an emotional support system and potential connections, look for online nomad communities to help you on your journey.

These communities can help arrange meet-ups across the world, giving you a chance to find other people with similar experiences and lifestyles like yourself. In addition, you can learn tips on how to navigate and live in various countries, including how to connect with the locals and where hot spots are. There are a plethora of options, so you can access thousands of people across the world who can give you advice and emotional support.

Living as a digital nomad requires sacrifice, and it can be an isolating experience - after all, you’re living a unique and thrilling life that most people envy, and don’t relate to. But you can also bag unforgettable memories and immeasurable experiences. Enjoy your digital nomad lifestyle.

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