How To Turn Cold Pizza Into Hot New Meals

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Chances are there's pizza in your fridge right now, slowly aging until you guiltily throw it in the garbage because you didn't feel like eating pizza a few nights in a row (welcome to the first world!) Don't ignore the pizza like the creditor hunting you down to pay your student loans -- turn it into croutons. Or a sandwich. Or even a breakfast that beats the hell out of the standard cold-pizza hangover buster. Here are some ways to transform leftover slices.

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Pizza patty melt
Because we know pizza and cheese are likely the only edible things you have in your fridge at any given moment (other than a solitary can of beer from a Halloween party three years ago), all you need for this recipe is pizza, mozzarella, provolone, and a spatula. Remember not to eat the spatula.

Pizza casserole
Allrecipes shows you how to take a baking dish, mozzarella, a third of an onion, eggs, and a few slices of leftover pizza and turn it all into a breakfast that looks like you spent time on it.

Pizza bread pudding
On the surface, turning leftover pizza into bread pudding sounds like an awful idea dreamed up by a sadomasochist Internet chef trying to trick people into making something that will taste awful. But we trust any blog called "A Mama With Ideas..." Just a hunch. Also, eggs, milk, and Parmesan are the main ingredients, which sounds good to us.

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Pizza croutons
Ninety-nine percent of Americans who aren't on a diet agree that salad is a waste of a meal. But thanks to our pizza crouton recipe, you can successfully choke down an entire bowl of lettuce and other veggies if you dice up the remnants of last night's pizza dinner and throw 'em in there. Or just drop them into a bowl of tomato soup!

Waffle-iron pizza
The good folks at Serious Eats show you exactly how to fold, cut, and trim your leftover pie in order to cram it into a waffle iron and end up with melty handheld bites that looks like they'd be easy to eat while you drive. It's a mystery why no pizza chain has stolen this idea yet.

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