Human Needs Network Starts 'Ramp It Up' Program To Help Disabled In Need (VIDEO)

WATCH: Org Starts Program To 'Ramp Up' Mobility For Disabled In Need

Several nonprofits in South Carolina are joining together to give area disabled a pathway to mobility.

In April, the Human Needs Network founded a project called "Ramp It Up" to coordinate efforts with other advocacy groups. Together, they gather funds, volunteers and the needed know-how to build ramps for disabled people who can't afford installation costs.

Co-founder Chuck Coward told WMBF that it goes beyond convenience -- it brings families together again after lengthy health care stays.

"There are people that cant come home from nursing homes cant come home from hospitals until home access ramps are in place."

Funded only by voluntary donations, the program has built seven ramps since April, and is looking to complete 30 more by the end of the year.


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