Hurricane Katia 2011 Strengthens In Atlantic, Could Be Heading For Eastern U.S. (INTERACTIVE MAP)

Just days after Hurricane Irene battered the East Coast, causing tremendous flooding and damage in many areas, a new storm, Hurricane Katia, is already brewing in the Atlantic.

Katia is the second Atlantic storm of the season to hit hurricane strength, and has been propelled by warm waters and a low wind shear environment, ideal for further strengthening. The hurricane has favorable conditions for growth from which it can gain energy, according to NASA.

Though it's too soon to tell if Katia will make landfall, it certainly seems to be pointed at the U.S. coastline. The National Hurricane Center has stated that it could become a Category 3 hurricane by Labor Day weekend.

If it is to make landfall, meteorologists don't quite know where it may go. According to the Associated Press, while some models show Katia hitting the Texas coastline or the Florida Panhandle, others show it veering north or northwest.

Google.org's Crisis Map, which you can see below, is one of the easiest ways to track the storm as it develops. The map will pull in the latest movements and projections about the storm as they come in.