I measured success how?

For some success is in black and white. A promotion at work, a raise, a title. For some of us though success can mean so many other things. Things like getting our first paycheck, finding a place to lay our head at night, a moment of compassion from another, getting our children back after we have stumbled. For some success is not measured in material as much as it is moments.

I got to meet a few beautiful ladies staying at our local women's YWCA homeless shelter who by my measure have had amazing success. I would like to tell you a little about one of those women.

She is a mom, who didn't have her child with her in the shelter. Coming in to the Minot ND YWCA with nowhere and no one to turn to. This amazing woman left with a steady job, her own apartment, and her child in hand. Now that is success. Growing up in an environment where everyone uses you, abuses you, and drugs can devastate someone for life. To break that cycle, ask for help, and rise above it is nothing short of amazing.

When I asked her what drove her to turn her life around she simply said to me "my child". If that isn't a reason I don't know what would be... I found out that she loves to color, and go to the park with her kiddo in their free time and that moving into their own place is only a start for her. One day she will continue her education and grow even farther. I asked her about the help she received from the ywca and the city of minot, to no surprise she told me about how the executive director of the YW helped her more then anyone else ever could have. Having the resources there on hand helped her not fall back into trying to depend on those who would only hurt her in the end.

Homeless comes from all walks of life. Losing your place to live does not discriminate and success is measured in moments.