Illinois' Marijuana Estimated To Be Among The Nation's Most Expensive

The Priciest Weed In The Nation?

Though reliable statistics on the subject are difficult to track for obvious reasons, a new analysis estimates that the average selling price of marijuana in Illinois, particularly in the Chicagoland area, is among the highest in the nation.

The map is based on data from Price of Weed, a website that crowdsources information regarding how much people are paying to light up. The blogger's analysis indicates that Illinois, particularly in its northeastern corner, is home to some of the highest prices for green found in the nation.

According to Price of Weed, the average price of a high-quality ounce of marijuana in Illinois is $430.80, while a medium-quality ounce can be purchased for roughly $303.13. The data is based on just under 1,000 submissions. In Chicago, based on recent data, the average price of a high-quality eighth of marijuana appears to hover just under $60.

These prices are far higher than, for example, California, a state which has stepped closer to legalizing the drug than most others. There, the average price of a high-quality ounce is $320.94, more than $100 less than Illinois.

Hat tip, to Chicagoist.

Photo by aeroSoul via Flickr.

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