This Infinite Staircase Will Make You Believe In <strike>Miracles</strike> Art

This Infinite Staircase Will Make You Believe InArt

On a good day, art can be a portal to another dimension. On a great day, it's a staircase to nowhere. Meet "Diminish and Ascend," or as we like to call it, the infinite staircase.

david mccracken

Designed by New Zealand artist David McCracken, this magnificent illusion stems from the seashore in Bondi, Australia and rises up into the heavens above. Depending on the atmosphere and weather conditions, the stairway appears to reach beyond the clouds into the celestial realms overhead. It's basically an M.C. Escher drawing in real life.

david mccracken

david mccracken

The piece is part of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

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