Insomnia Costs America $63 Billion A Year: Study

Insomnia Costs America $63 Billion A Year: Study

A new study finds that nearly a quarter of American workers experience some form of insomnia, and the disorder is costing the country billions of dollars in lost productivity. notes that the study, conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School, surveyed 7,428 employed workers across the country. They discovered that 23 percent had insomnia-related problems, including difficulty falling asleep or nighttime waking, at least three times a week during the previous month.

The study also found that insomniacs were so tired during work that they cost their employers about eight days of work per year. That translates to about $2,280 per person.

If you expand those results to the entire country, the study found that insomnia costs the U.S. economy about $63 billion annually.

Given these results, the study's researchers say employers may want to implement screening policies for insomnia, similar to the ones already in place for other medical conditions, according to All Headlines.

"Now that we know how much insomnia costs the American workplace, the question for employers is whether the price of intervention is worthwhile," study author Dr. Ronald C. Kessler told CBS. "Can U.S. employers afford not to address insomnia in the workplace?"


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