Instacane: Hurricane Sandy Chronicled Via Instagram Photos

PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy, As Seen Through Instagram

Want the story of Hurricane Sandy told in one collaborative Instagram-uploaded photo collage? Well, you’re in luck. Instacane, a website that aggregates images posted to Instagram with hashtags related to the current hurricane (think #hurricane and #sandy) is back on the net.

According to Jessica Roy of BetaBeat, the very minimalist website created by New York Times R&D software architect Peter Ng and now-Facebook engineer Chris Ackermann” to chronicle images of Hurricane Irene has been “flooded once more by people snapping their way through Hurricane Sandy.” The site relaunched on October 29th 2012, after a hiatus of more than a year.

The images coming in so far are a mismash of jokes, intimate moments, preparedness pictures, shots of the hurricane and hurricane damage and more. There are also a few fraudulent shots Instagram-watchers might think are the hurricane itself. This picture in particular has been reposted and debunked several times: Purported to be a picture of “Sandy descending on NYC,” it’s actually a picture used by the Wall Street Journal more than a year ago to show how close New York City came to a tornado in April 2011.

Still, actual dramatic shots of the hurricane exist. This stunning photograph shows New York's the Hudson River already breaching its banks, while this ominous shot beats out the fraudulant tornado pic for “best photograph of ominous weather approaching New York City.”

Unfortunately, Instacane refreshes every few minutes and doesn’t have a “previous pictures” link so it’s unknown if all this dangerous beauty will be archived. Our advice? Check the site, pull your favorite pictures, clip them into Evernote or save them in a folder on your desktop, refresh as necessary and prepare to wait out the coming storm.

Take a look at some of the best Instacane pics (below), then check out some of the best tweeters to follow for live Hurricane Sandy coverage. You can also follow HuffPost Green's coverage of the weather event by visiting our big news pages for Hurricane Sandy and Frankenstorm.

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Instacane - Story Of Hurricane Sandy Told Through Instagram

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