Invasive Species: Exotic Animals And Plants Wreaking Havoc Around The World (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: INVADERS! Exotic Species Wreak Havoc Around The World

The United States isn't the only country blessed with a phalanx of invasive species. World travel has both mistakenly and purposefully brought critters from continent to continent, until every country is dealing with overgrown weeds, roving rodents, and vicious bugs.

After highlighting just a few of the many invasive species in the U.S., we want to show some love to other countries suffering from the same malady. Check out pictures of species that are killing native animals, tearing up habitats, and just generally being annoying.

These pests, by the way, are why they make you ditch your banana when you go through customs.

Nile Perch In Africa

International Invasive Species

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