Is Madonna Insufferable? Ex Best Pal Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks So

Madonna is a talented artist whose career has spanned decades. Even in her 50s she continues to attract headlines and attention to her music, her movies and her love life.

But as a friend she is insufferable, suggests Gwyneth Paltrow.

Paltrow posted a message on her website Goop last week asking visitors for help on what to do "when you don't like a friend any more". The "friend" she has gone cool on is Madonna.

The two used to be BFFs, with Gwyneth comforting Madonna through her divorce last year. But Paltrow hinted at a fall-out last week when she mused that spending time with some friends can leave you "drained, empty and belittled".

The reason for the fall out? The pair have rowed over their personal trainer Tracy Anderson, whose business has been accused of financial irregularities. Madonna has dumped the trainer, while Gwyneth has refused to take sides. Don't cross Madonna!

But this isn't the first time passive aggressive Gwyneth has taken a swipe at a rival/pal via the web. Last year she branded Winona Ryder a "Frenemy."

It seems it may be worth reading her dreadful macrobiotic website after all.

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