It's Breakup Season Again and Research Says It Likely Won't Happen Over Text


According to Facebook data, there are two spikes in breakups throughout the year, and we're headed into the first. Maybe Valentine's Day was a wake up call that something was off with the relationship, or maybe college kids want to be unattached for Spring Break. Whatever the reason, there's definitely something in the air.

The good news is that it seems we still prefer to handle break ups in person. Hopefully there won't be too many heartbreaks delivered over text, though it does provide good fodder for the popular Instagram account @textsfromyourex. According to a study by Yougov, three out of four Americans surveyed would break up in person, while the rest would break up over a phone call. Only 1 in 4 would prefer a text message break up.

The same study also took a look at the various forms of social support Americans seek after a break up, with music being a big source of support. 1 in 3 Americans listen to music for support and it's even higher (48%!) for millennials. Throwing ourselves into our work is another important outlet for Americans (42% of millennials throw themselves into work).

And then, of course, there's the post-break up call, which we've probably all been on the receiving end of at least once in our lives. Who do we call? Women, mostly! According to the study, 27% call a female friend, 17% call mom, 10% call a sibling and 10% call a male friend. At the very bottom of the phone tree, unsurprisingly, is an ex/old flame at 1%.

I have to say, to me, the in-person and phone data signals to me that as humans we still understand the gravity of break ups and how painful they can be. And it's no surprise music is an important source of support. When's the next Adele single dropping again?

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