It's Time for My Annual Fall Pledge Drive

The leaves are turning color, there's a crispness in the air and pumpkins are starting to appear on lawns.

This can only mean one thing: It's time for my annual fall pledge drive.

This year's fall pledge drive is extra special. As a contributor, you'll help sustain my lifestyle that I've grown accustomed to for another year. And you'll also take comfort in knowing that you're an important part of my community of supporters. Your contribution helps pay for the ongoing programs, services and lattes that I enjoy throughout the year. Your donation will come back to you every day in the form of me.

Please give AS MUCH or (if you're feeling stingy) as little as you can. Whatever amount is the right amount, although four-figure contributions are greatly appreciated. My research has shown that the more you give, the better you feel. And you do want to feel good, don't you? I know I will.

If you're already a regular supporter, I thank you. But make today the day that you increase your annual contribution.

So, if you enjoy my endless banter, quirky observations and occasional rants, please pledge now. You listen to my clever repartee and pithy statements throughout the year. You enjoy my stories even if I rarely ask you questions about yourself. Indeed, my tales about myself and my life remind you of just how special and important a part I play in your life. As a contributor, you are a vital part of my community!

Take the next step from listener to supporter. I'm looking for 26 new pledges in the next 15 minutes.

This year's fall pledge drive has an added incentive for you. Just by making a contribution, you are automatically eligible to take me with you on your holiday vacation, especially if you're planning on visiting the French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast of Italy or Ibiza, Spain.

Even if you're not planning a European vacation this year, your pledge will help me enjoy a European adventure without you. All contributors will receive regular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates from me, with scenic photos and comments. You'll be saying merci and bon appetit in no time. It'll almost feel is if you are on vacation with me!

Please give generously right now. You enjoy me as a valuable resource throughout the year. Now help pay for it. You'll feel great by supporting someone I love--me. Join me now by making an extra gift. I am so close to my goal, I can almost taste it.