Donald Trump, as bizarre and unpredictable as a satirical president, ushered us into a world where novels can't outstrip the weirdness of reality.
The conservative attorney flipped the script in a satirical op-ed titled: "I believe in the president, now more than ever."
The president appeared to share a story from The Babylon Bee -- which uses the tagline "Fake News You Can Trust" -- as if it was real.
“You know the story. I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our first lady, and I say, ‘This is great!’”
The satirical YouTube channel celebrated the league's landmark year in its typical mocking way.
"The industry is its own best satire in a lot of ways," says startup vet Anna Wiener.
The second round of the Democratic presidential debates meant laughs and jokes from the late night comics.
Over the span of two days, late night hosts joked about the second Democratic presidential debates featuring heavy hitters like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.
Late night comics went after President Donald Trump for calling Baltimore a “rodent infested mess.”
A satirical version of the U.S. presidential seal featuring Russian symbols and golf clubs found its way onstage during a Trump appearance.