JFK's Grandson Does Comedy Impressions To Bash Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Jack Schlossberg, Caroline Kennedy's kid, showed off his accents to bolster the family's opposition to the independent candidate.

Jack Schlossberg, the grandson of former President John F. Kennedy, is standing up for President Joe Biden, with standup comedy of sorts. (Watch the videos below.)

The 31-year-old, whose mother is Caroline Kennedy, continued his series of comical impressions on Instagram on Wednesday to bash his cousin, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and praise the incumbent.

In the new entry, Schlossberg attempts a Cockney accent in a character he calls Tiny Tim, who teases RFK Jr. for his anti-vaccine cry supporting “bodily autonomy.”

Earlier this week Schlossberg played Jimmy from Massachusetts, who calls Kennedy a “prick” and mocks his “independent third pahhhty” status. “Vote for Biden,” Jimmy says while touting the president’s efforts to stimulate the economy. “Everybody’s gonna get freakin’ loaded.”

Schlossberg portrayed imaginary voters from other parts of the country as well. His Southerner Wade defends Biden from blame for inflation. “The big daddy, from 2008 to 2020, what happened?” Wade says in a drawl. “We had a near-zeruh or negative interest rate policy around the world. Money was cheap.”

His nasally New York man Joshua turned up the volume to object to Kennedy’s plan to eliminate the Federal Reserve. “Who’s gonna protect my money!” he said.

His New Yorker Anthony deflected criticism that Schlossberg’s bits were offensive. “Not my intention, no disrespect,” he says.

Schlossberg has been in the chorus of Kennedy family members disavowing RFK Jr., but perhaps he’ll get a few laughs along the way, too.

Check out his act:

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