Jackie Warner, Celebrity Trainer, On How To Stay On Track With Your New Year's Diet

Though it's only two weeks into the New Year, it's just enough time to forget about that New Year's resolution you made to lose weight. Celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner joined HuffPost Live Friday to tell us how to stay on track with this year's resolution, focusing on the "go-to foods I want you to incorporate every day" and how to "speed up your metabolism by 33%."

Warner stressed the importance of going beyond simple weight-loss goals, and recommended combining them with fitness goals. "Instead of just saying 'I need to lose 30 pounds in two to three months'," Warner told host Alicia Menendez, "say 'I want to lose 30 pounds in three months, but I also... really want to run a 3k.' Make it about fitness goals."

Warner also shared her tips on what to eat (hint: grapefruit), how to stay motivated at the gym, and just how many days between treats are allowed. Happy 2013!