And The Most Enviable Job In Journalism Goes To...

Fifty-two weeks. Fifty-two must-see spots around the globe.

Jada Yuan is in for one hell of a year.

In the next 52 weeks, the newly minted New York Times reporter will hopscotch around the globe 52 times, visiting each spot on the paper’s list of “52 Places to Go in 2018.”

It’s a journey that will take her from Arles to Ypres, Iceland to Fiji, and Denver to Kuélap. If she’s not exhausted by the end, her passport probably will be. 

The Times received 13,000 applications for the position.

Up first for Yuan is New Orleans, just in time for The Big Easy’s 300th birthday. 

“The most interesting parts of travel for me are the bumps that you hit on the road, emotionally and logistically,” Yuan said in a video she submitted as part of the job interview, “especially as a woman traveling by yourself.”



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