Jamie DeWolf, Great-Grandson Of Scientology Founder, Shuts Down L. Ron Hubbard In 'The God Or The Man' Spoken Word Piece (VIDEO)

Jamie DeWolf's last name isn't really DeWolf.

The great-grandson of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, DeWolf is an outspoken critic of the controversial faith. He reveal the history behind his name in a highly-charged spoken word performance, explaining that it was changed by his grandfather as a way of distancing himself from Scientology's contentious leader.

The piece, "The God or the Man" is podcast Snap Judgment's performance of the year.

The emotional piece has many chilling moments, including the critical advice of his grandfather who told him, "Don't believe everything you read, but believe everything you say."

His outspokenness hasn't gone without notice by the members of the Church of Scientology. DeWolf told The Huffington Post that after he performed this piece, "Immediately I had the church coming after me. They came to my house even though I didn't have a listed address, they posed as performers at shows and they hired private investigators. It was scary, scary stuff."

Check it out here.

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