The "That ‘70s Show" actor and prominent Scientologist was found guilty in May on two counts of forcible rape.
The former "King of Queens" star, who left the church in 2013, said she has come a long way from her "8th-grade education."
Prosecutors had said Scientology officials protected the “That ’70s Show” actor for years after he drugged and sexually assaulted the women.
Miscavige had reportedly evaded process servers 27 times over four months before a judge said he was considered served.
Jerrod Carmichael continued his theme of not holding back as he took aim at the "Top Gun: Maverick" star.
“I find the jurors hopelessly deadlocked,” Judge Charlaine Olmedo declared.
“The King of Queens” star has been on a mission to call attention to what she describes as the church’s wrongdoings since she left it in 2013.
The “Orange is the New Black” star said she stopped practicing the religion when she became a mom almost five years ago.
“If you let me just tell you what it was really about, you would say, ‘No f**king way,'" the comedian said Cruise told him.
"He is an abusive person. I witnessed it, I’ve been a recipient of it on a small level," Remini wrote. "This is the real Tom."