Jesse The Cat Returns Home After HOW MANY YEARS!?

The world rejoiced today as it was announced that Jesse, a ginger and white cat, returned home eight years after escaping the vet.

Jesse's owner, Lesley Corbett, says she never gave up hope that the little pussy would return to their home in Staffordshire, England. Jesse was last seen when he was 18 months old, "running hell for leather" from the vet. But sure enough, on Feb. 28, Corbett's dream came true, BBC reports.

Jesse returned, eight years later. The United Kingdom breathed a collective sigh of relief.

"We have absolutely no idea where he's been," she said. "All we know is he's happy and healthy."

It may sound crazy. It may seem impossible. But pets are returning home all over the world, literally every day. If you liked Jesse the cat's story, you're gonna go bananas for these returning pet articles: