Jesse Watters Makes It Weird In Story About Dog Biting Him In The Groin

The Fox News host claimed the dog also nipped him on the hand ― but shared another odd detail that had nothing to do with the bite.

Jesse Watters claims a dog bit him during his Thanksgiving break — and he could just “tell” the owner was a Democrat.

The Fox News host told “Jesse Watters Primetime” viewers on Monday that he was bitten by a dog while hiking in a nature reserve that morning.

He said he encountered a woman and her dog on the trail.

“We’re on a tight part of the trail, and I notice the dog’s all wet, and she’s like, ‘Oh, this my dog, you know, kind of wet, you know, he just swam in the pond,’” he said. “I’m thinking, this is kind of crazy. You’re letting your dog swim in a pond — 37 degrees in a nature preserve? That’s my first clue.”

“Second clue: The woman’s kind of struggling to hold the dog on the leash,” he continued. “The dog comes by, and I’m trying to back up ― just give her a little room. Dog bites me. Twice. Nips my groin and takes a chunk out of my hand.”

He showed the camera his hand, which appeared to have bruising near the thumb.

“I said, ‘ouch,’” he said, pointing to his hand. “Zoom in on that. Zoom in. And I never like to show pain. I never say, ‘Ouch.’”

Then, the kicker.

“I could tell she was a Democrat because when I pulled into the preserve in my car, there was a Subaru Outback. Dead giveaway,” he said. “Plus, she didn’t recognize me.”

The incident comes just a couple of weeks after Watters told colleagues on “The Five” that he “got rid of” his dog because it wasn’t working out.

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