Jimmy Carter To Jon Stewart: 'I Occupied The Same Position That The Tea Party Is Now' (VIDEO)

For his new book, "White House Diary," jimmy Carter uncovered 40 topics in his personal diaries that bothered the former president while in office, which he believes now upset President Barack Obama 30 years later. Carter discussed these topics, as well as current politics and the Tea Party, with Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" last night.

"Things have gone downhill, I think, in the last few years with the polarization of our country," said Carter. "With the evolution of a new kind of politics, with the birth of Fox News, which now distorts everything rather than telling the truth."

Carter commented that at the time when he wrote his diaries, "I occupied the same position that the Tea Party is now. I rallied against the establishment, I rallied against a Washington that was in disgrace."

Still, Carter was sure to note: "I'm not completely compatible with Tea Party -- I haven't been involved with witchcraft."

"You're only 85 -- give it time," Stewart responded.